Video and Speaking Topics

Tom Doctoroff is one of the advertising industry’s most sought after and dynamic public speakers.  An adman at heart, he transforms presentations into dynamic exchanges between himself and his audience. Tom has developed a broad range of proprietary talks, all loaded with lively case studies, on a wide range of topics that cover Chinese consumer behavior, brand building fundamentals and digital marketing.


Time, Tension and Ideas: The Art of Engagement
Time, Tension & Ideas Module One: Consumer Insights
Time, Tension & Ideas Module Two: The Brand Idea
Time, Tension & Ideas Module Three: Engagement Ideas
Time, Tension & Ideas Module Four: Engagement Planning
Who Am I? Western versus Eastern Online Identities
Content: the Currency of Connection  
Creating Brand Advocacy in an Era of Digital Empowerment
Twitter is Not a Strategy: Freedom in a Framework
Emerging Market Consumers:  What is “Value?” 
Parallel Universe: Cyber Commerce in China
What Chinese Want
Middle Class Dreams: A perspective on “Emerging Affluent” China
Dreams and Disasters: The Chinese Mass Market
Tuning in to Youth China
A Spoonful of Sugar
The Mind of Chinese Men
Luxury in China: Goldmine or Minefield?
Tigers? A Perspective on Local Brands in China
The Guide to Global Brands – Making it in China
Half the Sky – What Women Want in Today’s China
Journey of the Second Life
China’s Silver Market: From We to Me
Into the Lower-tier Markets
Old World, New Minds: China’s Post 90s Generation